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Ilmio escort agency is the number one adult service provider for Submissive Birmingham escorts. Specialising in recruiting escorts in Birmingham who offer a submissive intimate service. Thus, ensuring that powerful clients who seek an obedient playmate, can find them easily and effectively. Submissive escorts are obedient, passive and give in to the authority and control of the client. However, ilmio Birmingham escort agency would like to express that each individual submissive girl has her own limits and boundaries! Whilst some are comfortable with the client taking the lead in the bedroom, others are professional in female submission and BDsM. All submissive escorts in Birmingham work voluntarily and consensual. We respectfully demand that clients must act in a safe, sane and consensual manner. The escort and the client must find the submissiveness fulfilling in order for the booking to be successful and satisfying.  

Birmingham submissive escorts respect their clients so much, that they are willing to put everything they need and want first. They eagerly and willingly surrender all of their choices to their temporary Master. They are considered to be the most accommodating escorts in Birmingham. Sexual powerplay has the potential for heightened levels of intimacy because it requires a vulnerability from the Birmingham escort. This escort service isn’t just about dominant men who seek submissive escorts. Its naturally submissive escorts who seek a dominant man. The fact that they get paid for it is a bonus.   

There is a misunderstanding of submissiveness, especially when associated with escorts in Birmingham. They are seen as weak females who are being forced into a sex act because they are desperate for money. The fact is, only the strongest females have what it takes physically and mentally to be a submissive escort! They enjoy the physical and mental pleasure from pain. The submissive females who are represented by our Birmingham escort agency are thrill seekers. The need the thrill of losing control, combined with the safety and security of a client. They are adventurous, gutsy, resilient and tenacious women. Weak escorts do not thrive in submissive bookings, but strong escorts are inviolable.  

There is an ultimate trust and bond that is formed between a dominant client and a submissive escort! Without the submissiveness of a Birmingham escort there is no dominant client. Without her cooperation and willingness to submit, there are no commands or leaders. However together, the client leads, and the escort follows. Or the client commands and the escort consents. The power and trust are completely equal, even though they are at different extreme ends of the scale.  

Here at Ilmio Birmingham escort agency we can provide city center incalls in the B1 postcode. Including a special playroom or a dungeon for the session to take place. Alternatively, a submissive escort can be dispatched as a Birmingham outcall to the client’s house. The use of a Birmingham hotel will depend on the severity of the booking, as discretion and privacy are needed. Our escorts can provide portable sex toys that the client can use to empower his dominance. Adult toys such as whips, canes, paddles and handcuffs can easily be brought in an overnight bag to any outcall booking.  

We remind clients that booking a submissive escort is not an excuse to treat our girls like shit. They must be respected for the wonderful escort job that they do and the rare service that they provide. Just remember, it’s not easy to find a girlfriend or partner that will let you dominant them, especially in modern society. So do not abuse your position!  

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